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Whole Bean vs. Ground Coffee

You may have found yourself in a coffee shop at some point, really enjoying their coffee and decided you want to buy a bag of it for yourself to make at home. If you are new to brewing coffee at home, or maybe new to craft coffee and are used to the typical Folgers at the supermarket, you may be confused when you notice that the bag says, “Whole Bean”. Don’t fret, this is a good thing!

When you buy coffee, it comes in two forms: ground and whole bean. There are pros and cons to each, however, if the most important parts of your coffee experience are that it tastes as good, and is as fresh, as it can be as opposed to ease and convenience then you will want to start buying your coffee as whole bean. The thing is, once coffee is ground it goes stale much faster than if it is kept a bean. This has to do with the oils of the bean; the oils are where the flavors of your coffee come from. Once the coffee is ground, the oils evaporate very quickly. This is why it is best to grind your coffee right before you brew it. It will allow for all of the subtle tastes of the bean to come out in your cup, which would otherwise be missing in pre-ground coffee.

So, yes, there are going to be extra steps to your morning routine if you go the whole bean route, but your taste buds will thank you! Also, it will expand your coffee taste horizon by allowing you to try many different great roasters as most of them only offer their coffee as whole bean. Most coffee shops will grind your coffee for you if you want when you buy it from them. If you want the most control and taste from your beans, though, you should invest in a coffee grinder for your home. This will allow you to grind your coffee for whichever brewing method that you use, and you can grind it right before you brew to give you the freshest cup possible. Whether you buy a cheaper blade grinder or a more expensive burr grinder, give it a try and have a better coffee experience!

Sips and Shots Coffee will have coffee grinders available for purchase soon!

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