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Life nowadays is too centrally focused on technology; we are constantly looking at our phones to see what other people are doing on social media, reading emails for work trying to get a head start on the next day, or playing games trying to pass the time.

Sometimes, we forget to just sit and slow down.

I wanted a way to bring people together, away from technology, and to make time for themselves. I wanted to offer high quality coffee that people look forward to getting up in the morning to make. I also wanted there to be something else to the experience of an enjoying an artfully crafted coffee in the morning – so why not something also artfully crafted?

That’s where Sips and Shots was born.

Sips and Shots Coffee is a blend of two things: coffee and photography. Finding those moments to sit and slow down in your day can be hard, but Sips and Shots Coffee looks to help create those moments – by making a cup of coffee and sitting down with new photos to explore. It can be a different way to get inspired creatively, even if you are not a photographer. It’s also a chance to put your phone or laptop away, get lost in someone else’s work, and forget about everything else going on in your world.

The Sips and Shots Zine is a monthly curated collection of photos from photographers all across the world. Not enough art, and photography in particular, is actually printed anymore. We often shoot photos to post on social media and soon forget about them. But if you have ever printed one of your favorite photos, then you know how great the feeling is of seeing your work in a tangible form. Also, having something to share with others beyond online is a great way to help grow a community too.

That is why Sips and Shots Coffee really is a community for the community; we want everyone to inspire and grow together. So please, get yourself some coffee, sit down, relax, and get lost in the amazing photography from artists all around the world!

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